FAQS 8 | Evaluation of Applications, Rankings and Results

8. Evaluation of Applications, Rankings and Results

After the application deadline, the overall application score is calculated for all applicants, see FAQ 3.3.

Applications are ranked in descending order by application score, and the applicants with the highest application score are admitted up to the limit of slots or minimum admission score set by the Academic Unit at each phase.

You should send an email to admissions.lisboa@ucp.pt to be considered.

For applications to CLSBE international undergraduate degrees, contact undergrad.clsbe@ucp.pt

For the Integrated Master’s in medicine, contact medicina.fm@ucp.pt

Please see FAQ 8.1.

Please check the calendar.

For the majority of the programmes you can check the ''Results'' TAB on the application platform.

For CLSBE international undergraduate degrees, the application decision is sent by email. If you have any questions, contact undergrad.clsbe@ucp.pt

For the integrated master in Medicine you can check the results in the application platform, if you have any questions contact medicina.fm@ucp.pt

No, because the ranking was done according to the programme you applied for. You may, however, apply for the new programme you want if there is still an open admissions period. If the new programme to which you want to apply is from the same Academic Unit to which you were admitted, you will not have to pay a new application fee.

If your Academic Unit does not open a new admissions period, you can apply the next academic year.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us to admissions.lisboa@ucp.pt.

If you meet the admission requirements for several programmes in an Academic Unit, you will be admitted according to the order of preference you indicated at the beginning of the application.

If you fulfil the admission requirements for several programmes from different Academic Units, you will receive an ATM reference for each programme to which you have been admitted, and you should only pay the one related to the programme you want to attend.

If you were not admitted to the programme for which you applied, your application for that programme will be automatically transferred to the next admissions period, if it exists, without you having to submit a new application or make any additional payment. You can even add, free of charge, new programs from the same Academic Unit to the application that is to be transferred. If you want to add new programmes from the same Academic Unit, send us an email at admissions.lisboa@ucp.pt.

If you want to add programmes from other Academic Units, you will have to complete a new application on the platform and pay the respective application fee.

In principle no. If you have been admitted, and you have not paid the registration/enrolment fee, you should apply in a future admissions period. However, if you have a compelling reason, send an email to admissions.lisboa@ucp.pt for your case to be assessed by the Academic Unit.

No, because the ranking is done per campus and programme that you chose to apply for.

This is not possible.

No. You need to cancel your enrollment and later you will still be able to reactivate it.

Please see FAQ 2.5.

Please see the calendar.

You must send the new ENES form to admissions.lisboa@ucp.pt within the deadline to be evaluated. Check the calendar.

The admissions decision will include information regarding merit-based scholarships.