FAQS 2 | Types of Access

2. Types of Access

Yes, as long as you meet the requirements for both regimes. In this case you need to complete two separate applications and pay both application fees.

Yes, you can resume attending a Bachelor's Degree or Integrated Master's Degree course at the Universidade Católica that you have attended in the past and interrupted. To do so, you must submit a formal request for resumption of studies through ESCA.



Yes, you can reactivate your enrolment in an undergraduate or integrated Master's programme in which you have been enrolled but whose enrolment you cancelled at the beginning of the academic year. To do so, you must submit a formal request through ESCA.


  • High-performance athletes. You will need to fill out the following form.
  • People with physical and sensory disabilities. You will need to fill out the following form.
  • Portuguese emigrants or family members who live in the same household, and Luso-descendants. This requires proof of this status, issued by Portuguese diplomatic or consular authorities. You will also need to fill out the following form.

There is no Foundation Year for any degree programme taught at the headquarters of Universidade Católica.

You may apply under the General Regime. You will need a ENES form issued in the year of application with the exams required for the programme.

Yes, as long as you meet the requirements regarding admission exams (see FAQ 3.4)

You should check Católica’s regulations for accreditation, as well as the regulations of the Faculty into which you were admitted. After enrolment, you need to submit a formal request through ESCA, pay the associated fees and submit the original documents at the Academic Services Front Office ( Library building, Level 0) including the syllabus of the curricular units and workloads/ECTC, completed at your former University, for assessment.