Car Parks

The Universidade Católica has three car parking facilities in the Palma de Cima campus. These parks are private and for the exclusive use of the academic community. Get to know them in detail, here:

Covered Park (186 Spaces):

It is an underground park with entrance via Rua Azevedo Neves (Palma de Cima), through 1 entrance barrier, located on the rightmost access road, inside the campus. The maximum height of the vehicles cannot exceed 2,010 m.

North Park (177 places):  

The entrance and exit of vehicles is via Avenida Lusíada. It is connected to the University through a pedestrian overpass.

South Park (466 places):      

It has an entrance via Rua Azevedo Neves (Palma de Cima), through 3 entrance barriers, inside the campus. It has the following exits:

- Exit under the Azevedo Neves Street viaduct with 2 barriers (South Exit 1 and South Exit 2).

- Exit to Avenida dos Combatentes (East Exit).

There are 4 reserved places, in the south uncovered park, equipped with 22kW stations, for the exclusive use of electric vehicle charging.

To know the rules of use of the parks please consult the Regulation posted in the Cabin or in the Card Store.