Application Score

After the application deadline, the application score is calculated for all applicants.

Most programmes calculate the overall application score as follows, on a 0-200 scale: 60% final secondary school classification (or legally equivalent qualification), and 40% for the admission exam(s) score(s).

For International Undergraduate Programmes and the Integrated Master's Degree in Medicine, the score of the prerequisite is included in the calculation of the overall application score, with a weighting of 15%, with 50% given to the final secondary school classification and 35% for the admission exam(s) score(s).

Applications are ranked in descending order by overall application score, and the candidates (who meet the requirements) with the highest application score are admitted up to the limit of slots or minimum admission score set by the faculty at each phase.

If you were not admitted to the programme for which you applied, your application for that programme will be automatically transferred to the next admissions period, if it exists, without you having to submit a new application or make any additional payment. You can even add, free of charge, new programmes from the same faculty to the application that is to be transferred. If you want to add new programmes from the same faculty, send us an email at

If you want to add programmes from other faculties, you will have to complete a new application on the platform and pay the respective application fee